MCC Philosophy

Marshall Country Club believes that the future of golf industry as a whole is in our youth.  The MCC Board and the club members have promoted and accepted the concept of allowing more access to the area youth.  Through our Youth Scholarship Program high school aged kids and younger are eligible to play and enjoy the instructional golf sessions at no charge to them.  We are looking to improve their golf swing, but more importantly give them an opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the game of golf.  We want to instill the values of sportsmanship, integrity, respect, courtesy and perseverance to aid in their development as an individual.  These are all values to embrace for a lifetime, develop a healthy lifestyle, and create a wholesome community.
The club currently partners with the Marshall and Homer schools for their high school golf team events, and hosts multiple high school golf events for Marshall and the area.  We also work with the Marshall City Rec department to host youth clinics and provide instruction for area youth during the summer season. We have a “Strategic Partnership” with the Foundation Golf Center in Coldwater. The Foundation is the home of the Meijer, Junior Players Tour and the Adams Golf Junior Tour, and provides valuable information and strategies for developing youth golf programs.  We also host practice and matches for the Marshall Middle School golf program, the PGA Junior Golf Program and the Calhoun County Jr. Program. 
The process to get involved is very easy.  Click HERE  and fill out the Youth Scholarship Application form.  Help make our third year our best of all.  Hope to see you at MCC.